Yeast Infection Discovered The Benefits Of Folic Acid On Public Health

Felic acid from vitamins that we hear about its many benefits, but we may do not know a large part of their benefits as limited knowledge of this vitamin is that it is useful for women before and during pregnancy, due to the benefits of frolic acid , which Myriad was necessary to highlight it today.
To learn about the benefits of frolic acid and to identify the sources of food rich in frolic acid and frolic acid deficiency dangerous to the health. Felic acid: is vitamin “B” complex vitamin is used by the body to produce red blood cells.
This complex vitamin are essential for metabolizing protein and fat properly, and helps to maintain the digestive tract, skin, hair, nervous system, muscles, and other tissues in the body. Helps frolic acid in the production of RNA and DNA that any DNA, and is necessary in periods of rapid growth such as pregnancy, adolescence and childhood.

Support of vitamin B-12, helps frolic acid to control the production of red blood cells and helps to distribute iron properly in the body, is the lack of this vitamin can lead to anemia. Sources to get frolic acid: There frolic acid in green leafy vegetables such as spinach, and green kale, lettuce, beans and dried peas.
There is also a frolic acid abundant in cabbage, broccoli, strawberries, and peppers different kinds of green and red and yellow and artichoke. Sunflower seeds and other fruits and vegetables, which are rich sources of frolic acid can also be found frolic acid in high levels in certain plants and foods such as liver, yeast, and though many people do not eat adequacy of these plants to get the quantities necessary frolic acid leading to a lack of frolic acid have and there are important information is that people with certain diseases, such as disease Celia, or alcoholics, or people with irritable bowel considered at risk in the case of frolic acid deficiency, which could pave the way for many other health problems.


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